Hello :)

Hi. My name is Emily and this is my first blog post. Lately, I have a huge urge to write about topics of my interests and random topics. And even probably some stories. And I also want to see if I have a career in writing and communications (I’m currently studying to have a BFA in graphic design). So, here I am. 😀

Some of the topics I have are like theater (especially tonight. TONYS!!!!), cerebral palsy (which I have), and even some fun stuff like Disney (if there’s like a major announcement of a certain type of movie or whatever, I’ll talk about it. Like how Disney keeps on making remakes and how stupid it is etc. etc. And if any of you guys actually know me, you know annoyily obsessed I am with it 😛 So, thanks for dealing with it. Haha! xD)

If you actually don’t know me, hi. Nice to meet you! 🙂 But, I’ll try my best to not post too personal information. So, no pictures of me or anything! You can know my name and what I like and what I’m studying. You won’t know who I am or anything. It’s not like Hannah Montana or anything. (I like to be cheesy at times for humor :P)

Seriously, how can anyone not know that's obviously Miley?!

Seriously, how can anyone not know that’s obviously Miley?!

So, yeah thanks for coming and please follow me 🙂




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