Are we starting to give this world to Satan?

(c) Image courtesy of The Whited Sepulchre

(c) Image courtesy of The Whited Sepulchre

This past month or two,  I have noticed an alarming amount of Satan worship in the public, as if a Satanic revolution is about to occur. To make myself clear, I do not look these up. They are headlines that I read on AOL and Facebook. First, there was a public revealing of plans of a statue of Satan and even a plan of a Satanic temple in Oklahoma. Then, not long after that, Harvard University planned   a plan  of a black mass (a Satanic version of the Catholic mass) before it was cancelled at the very last second.  Now, the latest thing I am reading is that in Florida, a town meeting opened its meeting   with a Satanic prayer. The scariest thing is not the acts, but the fact that people are opening these   evil acts and practices with open arms. People are praising these practices, saying that they are a part of the Declaration of Independence’s law of freedom of religion and that it is equality for all. People also say that they would go to these events to see what the fuss is about. Why is this a concern?

It is not equality that’s the problem; it’s far from it. It’s the religion. If you are not familiar with Christianity, let me tell you who Satan is. According to our faith, Satan is a fallen angel of God. He is banished to Hell after he rounds up some angels to overthrow God. Since then, Satan tempts everyone into sins such as murder, adultery, stealing, etc. But, his main goal is to throw people into Hell, a place where all bad souls are thrown into, so they can suffer for eternity. Satan is pure evil and brings in the worst of the world and people. Satanism celebrates Satan, his works, and his upside-down beliefs. This religion is pure evil that brainwashes people and makes them evil, in return. And it looks like society is slowly starting to embrace it, in the name of goodness, equality, and freedom. As a result, the public exposure and affectionate are attracting innocent people and “lost souls” to Satan.

What does this mean for Christians? Well, it doesn’t help that people who agree with these practices slam and mock Christians. They say stuff like “Christians are freaking out,” “Christians think they can be in charge of everything,” and “Watch Christians try to ruin this”. It’s not about us, taking over and shoving down our religion into non-Christian’s throats. It’s about fighting for what is morally and spirituality right. But also, what this means is that these practices could be a sign that the world could be coming into an end soon. (Note: I actually think the world is not ending soon. Keep reading to see why I’m saying this). According to Revelations, one of the signs of the world ending is that morals will immensely go down. (2 Timothy 3:1-4). More of this publicity, then more of the fallen people and more of morals going down. And I will not be surprised if more of these Satanic events will happen, then an outburst of new devil-worshippers will happen. To be honest, I do expect this to happen. Additionally, Christianity is already getting mocked and being accused as close-minded and controlling. If this gets worse, this means we will be verbally and spirituality persecuted (John 15:18) and probably be looked-down by society.

In conclusion, both Christians and the world will need to be on its toes. This sudden outburst of Satanic worship could be a sign of morality declining. Soon, there could be even more sin (aside from Satanic worship) than before, and having more other evil acts and practices becoming normal, such as school shootings. Meanwhile, the powerful leaders of America need to stop this. It’s not about not treating people equality nor religion freedom. It’s about doing the right thing. All of this is not okay. It’s downright terrible and it could be leading America to a downright spiral. Meanwhile, Christians need to pray for this country and all of the sinners and devil-worshippers (Job 42:10), so they can be lead to the right path.


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