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Remembering Robin Williams

“WHAT?!” I heard my mother from the family room. My ears perked up because my parents were acting really shocked by something. I thought it was someone messing up in Wheel of Fortune, which we watch every day during dinner. I shrugged it off, but my parents kept going and going. I left my room and called out from upstairs, asking what was going on. I expected something happened to my sisters who were out or this WOF player really messed up, but my mom’s answer left me in shock: “Robin Williams just died.” I was in shock for the rest of the night. I still am. Robin Williams, a legendary actor whose work was so familiar to me, has died. What made that moment harder was that I was actually taking a break from watching Aladdin and stopped before the Genie’s grand entrance. 

Let me just say: I honestly am not surprised about Williams’s death. He went to rehab last month for his past alcoholic problems and I immediately thought of Glee star Cory Monteith, whose life ended the same way. Rehab to fix his problems, then boom: Gone like that that. I had a feeling the same thing was going to happen with Mr. Williams and I’m sad that my gut feeling came true.

His work that I am most familiar with is, of course the Disney nerd that I am, is Aladdin. I think this is the Robin Williams work that everyone is mostly familiar with because it’s a Disney movie like Jungle Book and Pinocchio. The Genie was always one of my favorite Disney sidekicks. Not only because how big of a role he was (Perhaps the biggest sidekick role in any Disney movie with Jiminy Cricket), but because of that big, loud voice and his fast, snappy one-liners and his crazy antics. And of course, who would forget Friend Like Me, a song that has “Disney” written all over it with Williams, stealing the show and lighting up the screen? My older sisters used to sing Prince Ali all of the time when we got home from school. I recently saw the spectacular Broadway production of Aladdin and I thought of James Monroe Iglehart, the actor who plays the Genie and won a Tony for it (and well-deserved, may I add!) when I heard the passing. I read in a interview that he is a huge Robin Williams fan and how he inspired Iglehart to play the Genie on Broadway, and how he was hoping for Williams to come and see him. Don’t worry, my friend, Williams will see you real soon.

Of course, Aladdin isn’t the only Williams movie I’ve seen. One of the my most beloved family moments is actually from one of his other works. My family and I went to Massachusetts in 2006, and we had a long, grumpy day (I forget why) in Boston. We all decided to stay there for the night and when we got in the room, we decided to watch a movie. What did we watched? RV. So, we spend all night, cuddled in bed and eating ice cream while watching Robin Williams (and one of my Broadway idols, Kristin Chenoweth) do his thing in RV. We all still talk about that moment.

2 (or 4 if you count the sequels) of the other works I’m most familiar with are the Happy Feet movies as a huge animation fan, and the Night of the Museum movies, which I really enjoy. Williams was hilarious as the Genie-sounding Ramone and the wise Lovelace and I wish the awful sequel was as good as the beautiful, first one. I owned the second Museum movie and he always did wonderful in his scenes as Theodore Roosevelt, looking just like him and having a wonderful voice for him. It’ll be sad to watch him in the final Museum movie, this December.  

I also watched a little bit of Hook recently before falling asleep around 12:30 in the morning, and I remember watched a bit of Dead Poet’s Society in my freshman year of high school. We owned the 1997 Flubber, so my siblings and I watched that as kids. I haven’t seen the other Williams films, so I need to watch glimpse of some of them, especially his iconic Mrs. Doubtfire & his Oscar-winning performance in Good Will Hunting.

I am very pleased to read such positive stories about meeting and actually knowing Robin Williams in real life (not from a celebrity!), this morning. It’s great to read about a Hollywood actor who did not let the fame go into his head and remained a kind, generous soul. I am very sorry that his life ended in the way it did and I am surprised how huge his death is. I never knew how much he touched and impacted the world with his humor and class until sadly, now.

I really think that Robin is with our Maker now. I do not think God sends you to Hell for killing yourself. He knows how much you’ve been suffering, and he understands that. He won’t send you to more suffering if you’re a good person (Pslam 103:8). Yes, Robin did drugs and alcohol, but God knows what was in his heart and how good of a man he was. This has been a terrible year, in general. From James Avery (Technically, last year) to Shirley Temple (who was also a big part of my childhood) to Mickey Rooney to Ann B. Davis, and many, many more to finally, this unexpected death.

I’ll end this post with an amazing quote that Frozen actor Josh Gad has said about Robin Williams: “Well, today we’ve lost the clown. And now we’re left with the fools.” Couldn’t agree more, Olaf. Less the Kardashians, more people like Robin Williams, please! 

Rest in peace, Robin Williams and thank you for everything! Genie, you’re free and gooooooooood niiiiggggghhhhhht, Vietnam! 


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Why do parents exploit their kids?

A couple of days ago, I found a really disturbing music video by aspiring singer Allison Gold on YouTube.  We see Ms. Gold, wearing outfits ranging from a blue bra and underwear to a tight golden dress with a high ponytail to match the stripper look. The outfits get worst. When she’s dancing in front of grown construction men, it looks like she’s not wearing any tops. Instead, she has police tape, wrapped to cover her boobs. You’ll have to look carefully to find her bra. During the video, she robs diamond stores, dancing behind bars in style of pole dancing, getting shocked in electric chairs, and dancing with grown men and women TOUCHING all over her at the end. You may be wondering: Where is this girl’s parents? The answer will shock you. They’re behind the camera, directing the music video with Friday (Yes, that Friday) producer, Patrice Wilson (who has come up with really creepy music videos in the past. I mean, THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE CHECKED OUT BY THE FBI CREEPY). And the worst of all? Alison Gold is 11 years old.

You read me right:

This is an 11-year old. This is doing of her own parents. Image courtesy of (c) MusicFeeds

This is an 11-year old. This is the doing of her own parents.
Image courtesy of (c) MusicFeeds

See the video for yourself here.

You are wondering: Why? Why would anyone treat an 11 year old girl, almost like a Playboy model? Above all, why would parents treat their own flesh and blood like this, in order to receive fame and fortune? Sadly, this is not only Alison Golden and her sick parents. Some TV shows today glorify this.

One of the most famous shows that glorify pimping kids out is Toddlers and Tiaras….

Which is responsible for this. Image courtesy of (c) TVWeek

…which is responsible for this.
Image courtesy of
(c) TVWeek

Toddlers is a reason why beauty pageants is toxic. As you can tell from the title, Toddlers follow little girls who are beauty pageant contestants and their soccer moms. Their mothers brainwash train their daughters to be stand-out winners. How do they do this? Plucking their eyebrows, taking them to tanning salons and tan their kids, teaching them how to pole dance, and even giving them botoxs. Their outfits are so racy that I don’t think it would ethical to post a picture of their outfits. (Trust me, they’re that bad). These girls can be young as 3 or 4 and they are experiencing these things, so their parents can have trophy children that they can show off everywhere you go. As a result, these little girls can be turned into obnoxious, spoiled brats as they get older and/or get emotionally and psychologically scarred for life. Heck, some little girls even admit they don’t want to be in beauty pageants. They do it because their mothers or/and fathers make them.

It isn’t only in beauty pageants though. Parents force their children in dancing (look up Dance Moms, which is the dancing equivalent to Toddlers and Tiaras), singing, and acting, in hopes to make their child famous. I auditioned for Disney Channel in 2011 (Another story in the future) and I saw a mom, training her son in saying the monologue given to us by telling him, “No! You have to be perfect! It’s like this…” It was heartbreaking.

In conclusion, children aren’t supposed to have show business as a childhood. Instead of going to tanning salons and auditioning for commercials, they need to ride bikes, go to preschool, and have toys and animal crackers with their friends. Show business literally takes up all of your time and a kid wouldn’t have time to stop and relax. And if a parent pulls his/her little kid to show business in hopes to have a famous child, that is beyond disgusting. And parents who scoop to Allison Gold-low and exploit their kids into doing racy, dirty performances need to be locked up in jail for child abuse.


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Sex Overload in the Media today

Image courtesy of artur84/

Image courtesy of artur84/

Note: All of the opinions are my own. I am respectful of everyone’s views on this topic

Have you noticed how much sex there is in the media? Last night, while I was eating ice cream   after a long day, there was a commercial for a new movie called Sex Tape. I’m sorry, what? The media is so obsessed with sex that they are actually making a movie about a couple, making a sex tape? Why? In fact, why all the sex in the media? I don’t get the obsession nor the message of “You HAVE to have sex. If you’re not, you’re a loser”.

I am a virgin and I am saving myself for marriage. Honestly, I don’t get the need of having sex, unless you actually have known your boyfriend/girlfriend for a long time. If two people just met after a day, week, or month etc., and are already having it, I think that’s way too soon. You should have sex with someone you trust and actually know. What if your sexual partner was actually    using you for sex and broke up with you right after? Or what if you sexted him/her and he/she   send the photos to his/her friends? And most of all, what if you made a baby with your partner and you hardly know him or her? If you’re just having a sex for the heck of sex or lusting for someone, then sex is meaningless.

According to my Christian faith, you have sex with your married partner. It is described as very pure and beautiful, and intimate and very close to express your love for each other. I know what you’re thinking. If you don’t want to wait until marriage, just make sure you actually know the person. You should wait until marriage, but I won’t judge if you do not wait.

How is the media, ruining the concept of sex? In some television shows that I watch, there are one night stands or constant sex with people they just met. It gives out the message that this is how sex is supposed to be like. Just have sex with anyone you want, anytime you want. As the naive person I am, this message honestly just confuses me, despite what my religion says. Is this how sex suppose to work?

I’m going to use ABC Family’s new show, Young and Hungry as an example. I watch Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth, so I’ve seen lots of trailers of this show. And from what I’ve seen, Emily Osment’s character just got hired by an entrepreneur. But, the entrepreneur’s girlfriend dumps him. And to make it all better, the main character has sex with the guy. First of all, story-wise, where did that even come from? Did they had a sexual attraction to each other, at first? From other clips that I watch with the commercials, it looks like they spend the rest of the episode, talking about it. Does this lead to anywhere in the series? Did the girl get pregnant because of it? Do they go out afterwards? (I’m guessing yes.) Like what is the point of the sex? Second, morally wise, why? Why did they have sex with each other, especially that they hardly know each other? What’s the point of them, having sex? This does give the wrong message to people, especially the target audience in general: Sex is the answer to all of theproblems. Well, guess what? No, it isn’t.

And when I mean sex, I only don’t mean the actual thing. I also mean the portrayal of men and women, especially women. The portrayal of women, in particular, is disgusting. In many times, especially through movies, TV shows, commercials, and magazines such as Playboy and Vanity Fair), women are portrayed as sex objects. You normally see these women in either short, cleavage-showing outfits or in bikinis. When this is in TV shows and movies, the men characters would ogle or/and lust after them. And sometimes, it does ends with sex. Why? Because according to media, women are only made to serve men and their sexual desires. Men also get the same treatment as women, especially in movies and TV shows about bachelorette parties. We see men half-naked with tight underpants while the women characters ogle them. This gives both genders some of the worst messages: We are made to satisfy each other’s sexual desires, which is not true. While we are made to make more people with sex, we are created to work with other people and make friends with them, and be nice and respectful of each other. We are also made to make our societies strong with goodness and wisdom. Hollywood’s society is messed up for numerous of reasons, but it is still always glamorize by the media. The general message of “You can have sex with anyone, anytime you want” is while definitely not the worst reason, but is harmful to society today.  

Finally, what all of you are thinking might be, “This girl is stupid. She says we can’t have sex at all and have fun with it.” No, that’s not what I’m saying. Yes, have sex and have fun with it. And again, I respect your views. So, if you have sex with a random person, I don’t care. Why would I care? It’s none of my business. And you are still a good person. What I am saying to everyone is to have sex responsibly with a suggestion to wait until marriage if you can.  And you are also thinking, “This girl is so stupid. She is a virgin and she only believes in sex until marriage because of her stupid religion. She knows nothing about sex.” Like I said in the beginning, this is only a opinion that I have. Obviously, I am not a pro in sex. Honestly, I feel awkward, talking about this. But just because I am saving myself, it doesn’t mean that I’m not allowed to talk about it. I’m not shaming sex in any way. I am shaming Hollywood and its message that both are ruining the meaning of sex. I am encouraging everyone to stop listening to Hollywood’s message on sex and have sex when you are actually ready. If you had not have sex, there is nothing wrong with you. There is no rush in having sex. Take your time. It will happen when it happens, and hopefully with the right person. Just be patient

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When will these school shootings end?

Look at the list of the school shootings from this year and try to see something wrong with it (minus the ethics and morals):

I hope you noticed it because what is wrong is perfectly clear. There has been school shootings nearly every week this year. Every 1-2 weeks. And it’s only June. I am baffled as you are. I thought to myself this past week, “It seems like there’s a shooting every week this year.” I’m surprised that my feeling was true when I read that list.

When the shooting on December 14, 2012 happened with 20 little kids and 6 adults being dead, I immediately thought, “This is going to cause so much more shootings now because some evil person will want fame”. Some people rebuffed that, saying that I was paranoid. The sad thing was they were wrong and I was right. Last year, in 2013, there were 28 school shootings, with even some taking on the same day. This year, there has been 37

(c) Image courtesy of  amenic181/

(c) Image courtesy of amenic181/

school shootings (Yes, I yelled “HOLY CRAP” too). Again, it is only June. If there will be a school shooting every week in the first half of the 2014-2015 school year, there could be around 74 school shootings alone in 2014. This is very scary.

How do these shootings go? Sadly, the majority (not all of them) could be easily mistaken as overly-used story lines in entertainment today. The cliche that actually takes place in the real world? Well, there is a white (normally now), teenage male who has some mental illness like autism and aspergers. At school, he is an awkward, shy loner. At home, he is a “nice, noble gentlemen” to his neighbors, adults, and grandparents. But to his parents and his siblings? He is such a deranged time bomb who has like 50 guns and weapons that he will need to see counseling. Eventually, one day, he can’t take it anymore. He doesn’t take his meds and he doesn’t see the counselor. He thinks what he has to do: Avenge the world as a result of his sufferings. In some cases, he first kills most of his family, especially his parents because they have the power to stop him. Then, he grabs his weapons and takes one last drive in his car. He reaches the school, grabs his weapons,  and kills his enemies or at least, random people. Once he feel satisfied or hears about the police and SWAT teams, he finishes his life in a terrible way by pointing the gun to his head and triggers. It’s the end of yet another shooting.

How long will it take until something is actually done?  Every week as I said earlier, there has been 37 shootings this year and 28 last year. The number of school shootings are rising in an alarming, dangerous ways. Whoever can change this (Obama, the Senators, the Congress?) should have done something by now. I thought we would have something done by now after 20 little kids died in one of the biggest school massacres in history. I thought there would be like a gun ban or limitation and security, being required in all schools by now. But, apparently the 74 school shootings is telling me that nothing has changed. How long will it take for these people to do something? Until even more kids die?

It also breaks my heart that many kids’ innocence are fading because of these shootings. When I was a little kid, we didn’t have to worry about shootings. Instead of worrying about seeing a person with a gun, we would worry about math tests, missing That’s So Raven, or our own drama with our friends. Now, it has gotten to some point that there are shooting drills at school. The next thing you’ll know, it’ll be required for kids to bring their own weapons for protection (I’m being sarcastic).

Additionally, I noticed that a lot of these shooters already have weapons from their families. First, why would their parents even have them? And most importantly, why would their parents keep them if their child is acting really violent? If this is the case, take them away and get rid of them. No wonder why he’s so tempted to kill people. He’s surrounded by guns.

Lastly, why do you have to kill people if you hate the world? If you’re going to commit suicide (PLEASE DON’T KILL YOURSELVES, BY THE WAY!), why take it out on everyone and even your enemies? Where will murder get you? Nowhere and innocent people will have to pay for your mistakes and sufferings. People are going to miss falling in love, getting married and starting a families, getting their dream job, seeing the world etc. because of a selfish monster decided “Hey, if I’m suffering, so will other people.”

What are the results of shootings in general, besides people losing their lives? Heartbroken parents (or wife/husband and kids) of the victims having to bury their beloved with grieving grandparents, siblings, cousins etc. crying beside them, devasted friends making tributes for their buddy, a shaken up community with people who are terrified to enter the ruined place, and the family of the shooter who is in beyond shocked that their own would something so evil. With all of them, asking one question: “Why?

So, to the people or the person who has the power to limit these shootings, please prevent more shootings and have more effort to do something. You have the power to change these, but it looks like you’re making little to no effort to save hundreds of lives. To quote The Lorax, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”


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