Margaret Dureke

Script Written for the local TV show, THE VIP SHOW. The script is a biography about author Margaret Dureke. 

Everyone can certainly do remarkable things in life, no matter where they came from. Margaret Dureke is an example of that. Margaret was born in Nigeria, but moved to America for opportunities to achieve “the impossible”. She graduated from Howard University with a Bachelor degree with honors, and then graduated from law school at American University. From there, she pursued many careers. One of her famous careers is a writer. Margaret wrote articles in publications like, Sister to Sister Magazine, and The Washington Post. Novels include How to Succeed Against All Odds and The Power of Consistency. Most noticeably, Margaret is a motivation speaker. She gives out lectures and seminars at colleges, businesses, churches, and she has spoken at several events. Margaret also spoke for the US Government. Her goal is to empower women to reach for their dreams and to never give up. She believes that the first step of finding a dream is to “walk into a vision” by trying new things and methods for your current passions. She also believes that you can’t let fear and despair stop you from working. She started the website, Women Empowered To Achieve The Impossible, or WETATI Motivational for short, to help women with their achievements. Moreover, she helps women with social issues. One of the issues that she touches is finance. African women, who move to America, think that finances get in the way of living in America. Margaret thinks it’s because they aren’t doing enough for their goals. As a result, with WETATI, she helps women grow in strength and, gives women who want to start businesses, mentors to help them get started. She, recently, spoke at the Rally for the Kidnapped Girls in Nigeria about sticking together in hard times.

Today, she lives in DC with her husband, author John Dureke and their children, where she is still pursuing her careers and inspiring women.


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