Why do parents exploit their kids?

A couple of days ago, I found a really disturbing music video by aspiring singer Allison Gold on YouTube.  We see Ms. Gold, wearing outfits ranging from a blue bra and underwear to a tight golden dress with a high ponytail to match the stripper look. The outfits get worst. When she’s dancing in front of grown construction men, it looks like she’s not wearing any tops. Instead, she has police tape, wrapped to cover her boobs. You’ll have to look carefully to find her bra. During the video, she robs diamond stores, dancing behind bars in style of pole dancing, getting shocked in electric chairs, and dancing with grown men and women TOUCHING all over her at the end. You may be wondering: Where is this girl’s parents? The answer will shock you. They’re behind the camera, directing the music video with Friday (Yes, that Friday) producer, Patrice Wilson (who has come up with really creepy music videos in the past. I mean, THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE CHECKED OUT BY THE FBI CREEPY). And the worst of all? Alison Gold is 11 years old.

You read me right:

This is an 11-year old. This is doing of her own parents. Image courtesy of (c) MusicFeeds

This is an 11-year old. This is the doing of her own parents.
Image courtesy of (c) MusicFeeds

See the video for yourself here.

You are wondering: Why? Why would anyone treat an 11 year old girl, almost like a Playboy model? Above all, why would parents treat their own flesh and blood like this, in order to receive fame and fortune? Sadly, this is not only Alison Golden and her sick parents. Some TV shows today glorify this.

One of the most famous shows that glorify pimping kids out is Toddlers and Tiaras….

Which is responsible for this. Image courtesy of (c) TVWeek

…which is responsible for this.
Image courtesy of
(c) TVWeek

Toddlers is a reason why beauty pageants is toxic. As you can tell from the title, Toddlers follow little girls who are beauty pageant contestants and their soccer moms. Their mothers brainwash train their daughters to be stand-out winners. How do they do this? Plucking their eyebrows, taking them to tanning salons and tan their kids, teaching them how to pole dance, and even giving them botoxs. Their outfits are so racy that I don’t think it would ethical to post a picture of their outfits. (Trust me, they’re that bad). These girls can be young as 3 or 4 and they are experiencing these things, so their parents can have trophy children that they can show off everywhere you go. As a result, these little girls can be turned into obnoxious, spoiled brats as they get older and/or get emotionally and psychologically scarred for life. Heck, some little girls even admit they don’t want to be in beauty pageants. They do it because their mothers or/and fathers make them.

It isn’t only in beauty pageants though. Parents force their children in dancing (look up Dance Moms, which is the dancing equivalent to Toddlers and Tiaras), singing, and acting, in hopes to make their child famous. I auditioned for Disney Channel in 2011 (Another story in the future) and I saw a mom, training her son in saying the monologue given to us by telling him, “No! You have to be perfect! It’s like this…” It was heartbreaking.

In conclusion, children aren’t supposed to have show business as a childhood. Instead of going to tanning salons and auditioning for commercials, they need to ride bikes, go to preschool, and have toys and animal crackers with their friends. Show business literally takes up all of your time and a kid wouldn’t have time to stop and relax. And if a parent pulls his/her little kid to show business in hopes to have a famous child, that is beyond disgusting. And parents who scoop to Allison Gold-low and exploit their kids into doing racy, dirty performances need to be locked up in jail for child abuse.


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